Kitchens and Bathrooms: Why it’s Important to get them Right

Kitchens and Bathrooms: Why it’s Important to get them Right

By watching one of the many reality television shows out there these days, you have probably heard the “experts” emphasize the need for getting the kitchen and bathrooms “right,” but why is this?



When looking to buy a new house, buyers will usually take great interest in the kitchens and bathrooms.  Things like the state, functionality and appeal will be noted. Your potential buyer wants to imagine themselves living in, using and enjoying these high-traffic areas. While the hottest, wacky trend of the season might grab your attention, a more understated version might be your best bet if resale is on your future agenda.


Wear and Tear:

Speaking of high-traffic areas, as busy hubs-of-the-home, good quality materials are important. High-quality flooring, sinks, baths and accessories will ensure longevity. They also may end up saving you money by avoiding replacements or repairs down the track.



The kitchen and bathroom are areas in your home where a lot of time is spent by all members of the household (often all at once!). Being as generous with space as your budget and land allow, will likely be a move you are grateful for long-term.


Preparation and storage:

Not only do you prepare your meals, snacks and celebratory cakes in the kitchen, but you also store the tools and expensive appliances to do so here. The same goes for your bathroom, where you prepare the most important item – yourself! Ensure plenty of cupboard space so you can minimise visual clutter.



Conversations with your family and friends happen in the kitchen. An open, social space here will allow that flow.



While every home or development offers design opportunities galore – number of bedrooms, study, scullery, library, cellar (uh-oh is our builder-nerd showing?), two essentials will always remain: the kitchen and the bathroom. Every home needs them – make yours amazing!

Have a look at some of our spectacular kitchens and bathrooms on our gallery page or give us a call to chat about your ideas: 9571 3512.

TRENDING NOW: The Lowdown on Subdividing and Battle-Axe Blocks

TRENDING NOW: The Lowdown on Subdividing and Battle-Axe Blocks

A smart way to get value per square metre, the rear strata block is more popular than ever. Should your zoning allow it, here are some reasons it’s worth considering:

What IS a battle-axe block?

A long narrow driveway with a house built at the rear, the battle-axe block quite simply… resembles an axe!  Saying that, subdividing one property compared to another can look very different. This depends on your block and vision.  An email to your shire will confirm whether or not the relevant permissions (r-code) to sub-divide are allowable.

What are the benefits of a battle-axe subdivision?

  • As mentioned in the opener: VALUE PER SQUARE METRE! By selling or renting the rear block, not only will you gain a handsome profit, but you’ll save on land and garden maintenance in the long run.


  • Monetary benefit number 2: No rent. Dreaming of a new home? If you build on your own sub-divided property there’s no rent to pay while living in your current home.


  • Ease of finance and shire application approval: as this trend is growing in popularity your shire, builder and lender will be familiar with the process and should have straight forward systems in place.


  • A battle-axe house is tucked away with less noise. Serenity now!


  • A long driveway. No more worrying about the kids riding their bikes or scooters on the road with a long driveway they can let loose on.


  • Acquiring a battle-axe house is generally much cheaper than buying a single house on a large block, this may mean you can purchase a block in a more desirable area.


What should I build on my sub-divided block?

With the serious stuff out the way, now its time for the fun bit… design and planning!  The world is your oyster when it comes to what to build: single-story, two-story, Hampton’s, Modern, Country, Scandi. Let your builder know what appeals most to you and come up with a design to suit your taste and style together.


If you would like to speak to a design guru at Jubilee Home Builders about building on a subdivided block, battle-axe or otherwise, visit our website or call us on 9571 3512.