Want to snuggle up in the Master Suite of your dreams? Here are our Bedroom Design Tips:

Want to snuggle up in the Master Suite of your dreams? Here are our Bedroom Design Tips:

33 years. That’s the average amount of time spent in your bedroom over an 80-year-old Australians lifetime. Its the place we wake up to a fresh, new day and the last place we wind down in the evening. There’s little wonder then, that we want the bedroom to be the most comfortable, beautiful haven possible.  It’s your space, so put your signature all over it with what makes you happy and comfortable. Consider these luxurious bedroom design ideas:


Plan it right

As is the case with everything in your new home – planning is key. Speak to your experienced Perth home builder about your vision for your bedroom design so that they can help you make it a reality. Consider storage (no one ever complains that their wardrobe is too big), light and accessibility.


The Sky is the Limit with Spectacular Ceilings

Produce that spacious feel with a raised roof level, then think about features such as raking, pressed steel, exposed beams, mouldings or extending a feature wall to include the roof. In 2019 there is no rule about keeping your bedroom ceilings white – wallpaper or pops of colour are popular.



Keep the lighting soft and warm in bedrooms rather than using cold, white lighting that is more suitable for the study and kitchen. Include a light switch control within easy reach of the bed and swap table lamps for more glamorous hanging pendants.



Deep Greens, Blues or Burgundy, balanced with pops of pastels are hot in 2019, as are mixtures of texture including silky smooth satin’s, plush faux-fur and suave suede. Incorporate these features with blankets, cushions, ottomans, and the all-important bedhead, which is a focal point of the bedroom design.


Happy feet

Even if you have gone carpet free in your home, a luxurious, soft rug in the bedroom provides that inviting, cozy-haven feel which so important in a bedroom design.

Go Green

Breathe in fresh, clean air and enjoy having a little bit of nature inside with some strategically placed indoor plants.


Other considerations

Temperature control and the eco-factor. Read more about these in our blog posts on earth-friendly homes and heating and cooling.

For more information on how you can improve your bedroom design, contact Jubilee Builders via our website or phone (08) 9571 3512


8 Value-Adding Considerations for your New Home or Development

8 Value-Adding Considerations for your New Home or Development

Whether you plan to live there long-term or sell quickly for immediate financial gain, here are some value-adding additions to make sure you maximise your new build’s worth:


  1. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms should suit the needs of the majority residing in the area.

Right at the start, when you’re still in the design stage, consider your neighbourhood. For example, if your suburb is an area convenient for families with proximity to schools and parks, you should have enough bedrooms and bathrooms to be comfortable for several residents.  Even if the area is conducive to smaller occupiers, such as professionals or retirees, your build should contain the average number of bedrooms of the majority of homes in the area, or even better, one extra.

  1. Splurge on your Kitchen.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, and it’s true… the kitchen is the most important room in the house. If you have a bit of extra wriggle room in your budget, the kitchen is where you should spend it to immediately add value. Think extra space, ease of use, room for entertaining and high-quality appliances. An experienced Perth construction professional will be able to guide you in this field.

  1. When in doubt, go neutral.

This is especially important if you are planning on living in the new home for an extended period before you sell. Trends change. If you’re desperate to get that mustard yellow (that’s so hot right now) into your home, consider adding it with throws, ornaments, cushions or even paint, rather than tiles or cabinetry which can be expensive to change down the track when it’s time to sell. An Interior Designer can be a tremendous help here, which is why Jubilee Home Builders include a consultation with a fully qualified one for all our clients.

  1. Storage Galore!

Generally, an affordable addition to add value and appeal, you can’t go wrong with extra storage. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone complaining that they have too much storage in their home. Overhead cupboards, void use, attics and design tweaks are examples of options. Its worth asking your builder if they have any suggestions.

  1. Find Your Home’s Hero.

Work out at least one feature that makes your home stand out from the rest and shine a light on it (literally in some cases!). For example, a pool or impressive landscaping can be the focus of attention with specialised lighting or the positioning of furniture.

  1. First Impressions Count with the 3 Ds:

Ensure your elevation and entry-way are appealing. De-clutter, Decorate and choose a great Design. Your builder can help you with maximizing your street appeal.

  1. Sustainability and Natural Light.

We’ve put these two important aspects together because making your new build sustainable and eco friendly will naturally take advantage of natural light which can greatly affect your homes visual appeal, running costs and temperature. These factors will make a difference to the value. See our previous blog posts on Earth Friendly Homes and Heating and Cooling Your New Build to learn more about these important value-adding aspects.

  1. Talk to your experienced Perth builder.

Take advantage of the wealth of experience your builder adopts. At Jubilee Home Builders all our staff have vast experience in the industry and keep up to date with new and funky ways to maximise value-adding strategies.

How to Build an Environmentally Conscious Eco-Home to Save the Earth and your Pocket

How to Build an Environmentally Conscious Eco-Home to Save the Earth and your Pocket

How to Build an Environmentally Conscious Eco-Home to Save the Earth and your Pocket

Climate Change. Loss of habitat due to deforestation. Global Warming. Natural Health. Organic Living. Recycled products. Natural Solutions. Living Simply…. It’s all abuzz right now and for good reason. The health of our planet and ourselves are very high on the priority list for most. Subsequently, we have put our thinking caps on and provided some helpful ideas to incorporate into building your Eco-Home Sanctuary.

The orientation of your home:

This is arguably the most important factor of your new eco-home and is one of the first things you’ll discuss with your experienced Perth property developer. Therefore, before you even begin designing, decide on what direction your home will face. If you get your orientation right, you can greatly reduce artificial heating and cooling, reducing your carbon footprint and energy bill. Win, win! North-facing is most desirable here in Perth. However, even if your block’s positioning is imperfect, there are strategies to help.

  • Living areas should be 15°W–20°E of true north in order to maximize winter sun and make the most of light.
  • Bedrooms facing south will provide cooler sleeping conditions.
  • Position most windows north where possible. East and West facing windows should be kept to a minimum. Reduce the size of south-facing windows as they do not receive any direct sunlight and can cause heat loss in winter.
  • Selecting the best eaves in terms of size, placement and overhang are key to provide a balance between winter sun and summer shade.

Go Solar!

We are blessed with bountiful sunny days in Perth. Consequently, you can’t go wrong in installing Solar Panels to power your eco-home. Not only will you save money on those rising power bills, but you can actually make money by sending excess solar energy into the grid! You basically have your own power station, generated by the sun. In other good news, there has been an increase in competition and incentives. Therefore, the cost of installing solar panels has dropped considerably over the past few years.

Grey Water Systems:

Save water by reusing your bathroom and laundry water on the garden. There now are various systems available to save this precious resource. As a result, your water bill will be reduced.

Request Eco-building Materials from your Builder:

Renewable, sustainable or recycled. Options for timbers and bricks are more widely available today and can even save you money in some instances.


High quality, environmentally friendly insulation products are growing in popularity and availability. Ask your experienced Perth property developer for information on your options.

Why stop there!?

There are many other things you can do in, and around your eco-home to reduce your carbon footprint. For example;

  • Low VOC sealers and paints,
  • optional sky-lights,
  • strategic placement of deciduous trees providing shade in summer, while letting in the sun during winter,
  • growing your own organic fruit and vegetables,
  • starting a worm farm,
  • installing double glazed windows,
  • rescuing ex-battery hens for eggs, compost and fertilizer,
  • beekeeping or planting a bee-friendly garden,
  • water-wise planting,
  • getting a compost bin,
  • installing a rain-tank, or
  • investing in an Eco-Home or Organic Gardening magazine subscription for inspiration.


If you’d like to know more about how you can create your very own eco-home, contact our experienced team on our website or phone (08) 9571 3512

Healthy You. Healthy Planet. Get to it!