Tips for a Family-Friendly Home

Tips for a Family-Friendly Home

Whether you are planning for the future or are already a complete family unit, you won’t regret setting up your home to be family efficient.  When discussing with your professional Perth home builder, consider the following tips to design and decorate your family-friendly dream home:


Kids Quarters

Nowadays, most 4+ bedroom homes have a separate wing for the minor bedrooms, providing peace, quiet and privacy for the master-suite.  Some owners like the idea of a room near the master-suite for use as a nursery, which is easily converted into a study, retreat or library further down the track.

Activity Area

Having an activity area or rumpus room nearby to the minor bedrooms is a handy feature of a family-friendly home. This is an excellent solution for providing a dedicated play area, sleepover room, and extra storage for games and books.

Easy Viewing

The open plan kitchen/living/dining design of most new homes allow parents to keep an eye on the kids easily.  Positioning your kitchen in an area where the backyard can be supervised is helpful for families with younger children. Homework help and cyber safety are easily monitored by incorporating an attractive computer nook in this area.

Don’t Forget The Chores!

Bountiful storage and bench space in your laundry and a shopper’s entrance near your kitchen will help with all that washing and shopping. Trust us. You’re welcome.



Wear and Tear Protection

If young children or pets are part of your family consider hardier options for furniture and flooring. Better yet, invest in slipcovers for furniture and floor rugs for extra protection. This way, the casualties from accidents and gastro bugs will be instantly reduced.

Stylish Storage

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s no such thing as too much storage. This is especially true for family-friendly homes.  Therefore, invest in cute ottomans that double as a blanket-boxes or a sleek, modern headboard with space for your books.

The Weathered Look

Whether it be Shabby Chic, French Provincial or Country Rustic, there is usually at least one trend going around that adopts the weathered look. If the style resonates with you, it’s a fantastic option for family-friendly homes. A weathered dining table is great at hiding pencil scratches, while a vintage over-dyed rug is ideal for hiding stains.

Other Considerations

  • Simple swaps such as hooks instead of rails are much easier for little hands to hang towels on
  • Removable trays are great for bringing out delicate ornaments or candles when entertaining and can be easily placed back out of reach afterwards
  • Consider colours other than white for door handles and light switches that come into contact frequently

The Right Fit

When it comes to families, we’re all different and incorporate our own quirks. Features important to one family may be of no consequence to another. Are you social entertainers? Solitude seekers? Academics? Animal lovers? Obsessed with the outdoors? Talk to your experienced Perth home builder about your vision and priorities to get the perfect design for your family

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Is Now the Right Time to Build Your New Home or Development?

Is Now the Right Time to Build Your New Home or Development?

Okay, so it’s impossible to predict exactly what the market holds for us in the next 12 months. However, we can consider past and current indicators to get an idea. Here are some reasons to feel positive about the 2019 Perth property market:

Competitive rental market

It’s tricky to find vacancies and even trickier finding one for the right price. If you are considering building a development or investment property you will likely find tenants quickly and secure a decent rent. On the other hand, if you are renting, now is a good time for a new home development. Better to pay off your mortgage, for the same amount you would pay in rent, than someone else’s.

High iron ore prices and relaxation in lending criteria

The WA economic forecast is looking good, and most of us remember the result of increased iron ore prices last time (hello WA boom). APRA is reducing servicing rates – this is the calculation the bank uses to determine how much you can afford to borrow. Therefore, affordability is set to improve.

Growth predicted for WA

QBE’s predictions point towards an overall growth of 5% in the next two years, impressive, considering for the same period Sydney and Melbourne are both predicted to fall -1.2% and -2.5% respectively.

Wiltshire’s report is similar, believing that Perth could experience a 5% growth, and 3% the year thereafter. “We expect that Perth house prices will grow faster than most other markets in 2019 and 2020 after falling in recent years”, Wiltshire states.

Great! But which suburb should you build in?

Central Suburbs 5km – 20km of the CBD, especially those in close proximity to water are in high demand. Examples include Stirling, Cottesloe and City Beach, showing strong, steady growth potential. Kardinya, Coolbellup, Bedford, Kelmscott and Harrisdale have recorded significant increases in rental activity. They are areas worth considering for investors looking to develop in Perth.

REIWA’s search release revealed “Hillarys was the most popular suburb for West Australians searching for property, taking out first spot on the list, followed by Denmark, Woodvale, Duncraig and Canning Vale”:

If building your dream home is on the agenda, make a list of the most important factors – such as proximity to work or schools, before seeking out the right block.  Your professional Perth home builder should be able to help you with this.

Great builders like Jubilee Home Builders keep a foot of the market and trends. They will know how to find the ideal property to build an investment development for maximum profit or to help you bring your new home vision into reality. For information, contact us via our website or phone (08) 9571 3512.