Get Afoot of the Best Flooring Options

Get Afoot of the Best Flooring Options

Why Flooring is Important

Flooring might not be the first design feature you get excited about, despite your flooring having enormous effects your home. When having a discussion with your experienced Perth home builder about your new build, it’s a good idea to already be across the best flooring options – here’s why:


Tiptoeing up a clacky sounding hallway past the sleeping kids’ bedrooms isn’t ideal, while making the most of your impressive sound system is desirable in the theatre.


The goal here is to not create too much heat in summer or freezing tootsies in winter. A sense of comfort comes from a soft touch in the cozy haven that is your bedroom.

Health and Cleanliness:

Full-home carpet might have been a hit in the 70s, however, now we know better. There’s no popping your kitchen carpet in the washing machine after a spill! The Scandinavians adopt a mostly no-carpet rule in homes due to the allergies caused from carpet loving dust-mites and mold.

Visual Appeal:

It goes without say that flooring is hugely important visually due to the sheer volume it will encompass in your home. Choosing agelessly appealing options will ensure saleablity in the future, as will prioritising hard wearing choices that will stand the test of time. This is especially important in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen and entryway.

The Best Flooring Options


Pros – durable, options galore, easy to clean.

Cons – cold in winter, grout can hold dirt, slippery.

*Price can range from affordable to very expensive depending on your preference.


Pros: timeless visual and acoustic appeal, comfortable to walk on, suits all types of designs and styles, a great insulator, modern options available such as: fuming, bleaching, blanching, recycled and different laying patterns.

Cons: can be expensive and is easily damaged.

Vinyl or Laminate:

Pros – affordable, easy to clean, visually appealing, improved quality in recent years, available in wood-look planks and other looks, durable, soft and quiet (if the right type with high-quality underlay).

Cons – can be loud and unappealing acoustically (opt for the high-quality type and underlay to avoid this), some types can look cheap, make sure the vinyl you are considering is VOC free to protect your health, the updated options are now more expensive than the old, lower quality type.

Polished Concrete:

Pros – highly durable, a great insulator, very easy to clean, fire retardant, visually appealing, modern.

Cons – can be expensive to install and to repair, limited colour/design options compared to tiles.


Pros – very comfortable to walk on, sense of coziness and warmth, affordable.

Cons – stains and cleaning difficult, allergies.


Pros – all the pros of carpet with the bonus’s of being dry-cleanable, rolled away in summer or easily changed when you want a new look.

Cons – allergies, can be expensive.


Pros – environmentally friendly, great acoustically and soft underfoot, hypoallergenic, easy to clean.

Cons – easily damaged.


Pros: Similar to wood.

Cons: Can be expensive and as there a many cheaper versions quality is not guaranteed, susceptible to water damage.

Trickling and mixing:

Pros: modern, exciting, on-trend, variable depending on the elements used.

Cons: Trends can age quickly if long-term resale is on the agenda, variable depending on elements used.

A handy hint is to make a list of the most important factors of the different areas of your home, set a budget, and get onto some Pinterest boards for inspiration. More importantly, consult an experienced Perth home developer such as Jubilee Home Builders to gain a professional’s insight.

For more information on what the best flooring options are for you, contact us via our website or phone (08) 9571 3512

Need to Sell Before You Build? Here’s How to Increase Your Current Home’s Worth:

Need to Sell Before You Build? Here’s How to Increase Your Current Home’s Worth:

Your goal is set. Your dream home or investment property vision is about to become a reality. However, there’s one hurdle to overcome. Selling your current home. Whilst your experienced Perth custom builder will guide you – here are some tips to increase your home’s worth to make your home as sellable and profitable as possible.

Ruthlessly De-clutter

Use display homes as your inspiration. The goal here is to have clean, open spaces with minimal clutter. Particularly, steer clear of sentimental features such as photos, marriage certificates, trophies etc. This helps the buyer to imagine their new life there.

Maintenance and Painting

Go room to room and make a list of any obvious repairs or replacements that are needed. Things like doors, hinges, handles, taps, light fittings etc are reasonably affordable and easily replaced. A fresh coat of paint or thoroughly cleaning any marks off walls make a big difference visually.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

While we are talking about maintenance and repairs, the kitchen and bathrooms are the most important areas to concentrate on. This is because they are the areas potential buyers are most interested in viewing. They are the hubs of the home, where a lot of time is spent. If there’s any extra room in the budget, these are the areas to spend it on first to increase your home’s worth.

Get Green-Thumbing

First impressions count. A healthy, neat front yard greatly improves your home’s facade, while the backyard is where buyers imagine family and entertaining time. Get your hands dirty with some weeding/pruning/tidying and/or invest in a trailer of mulch and fresh plants over a weekend.

Point out Special Features

As pointed out in a previous post, 8 Value-Adding Considerations for your New Home or Development, work out at least one feature that makes your home stand out from the rest and shine a light on it (literally if possible!). For example, a pool or impressive landscaping can be the focus of attention with specialised lighting or the positioning of furniture. This is a great discussion for you and your experienced Perth home builder to have.

Make it Shiny and New

An in-depth clean before putting it on the market, including windows, exhaust fans, kitchen appliances and flooring is ideal. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you – a big clean is vital before opening your home to the public. On the day of inspection hide any toys or clutter in cupboards and drawers.

Charm the Senses

While we have covered the visual appearance already, the other senses of smell, touch and hearing should be considered too.  Throw open your windows for an hour to get some fresh air circulating. If you go for the classic cookie-baking or scented candles route – make sure you do so a couple of hours prior so that it’s not overbearing. You can get the feel right by making sure the temperature is comfortable. Pop your feature fire on if it’s a cold day or air conditioner if it’s a scorcher. Some soft, inoffensive music to show off your surround-sound-system or turning on your trickling water feature will pleasure the ears.

When in Doubt, Look to the Professionals

Your home and budget will be unique to your situation. Get advice from local Perth developers such as Jubilee Home Builders to find out what features are in demand in the area. Likewise, a reputable interior designer or furniture stager is specially trained in presenting homes to be there most visually appealing. These professionals will help direct you as to where you should concentrate your efforts to get the most bang for your buck.

For more information on how to increase your home’s worth contact us via our website or phone (08) 9571 3512.