How to Decide to Either Renovate or Demolish

How to Decide to Either Renovate or Demolish

Your circumstances and desires are ever-changing so it’s inevitable you will want different things in your home at some point. But what if you love where you live? Before you consult your local Perth home builder consider the following when deciding whether to renovate or demolish and build again.

Weigh up the expense:

Your first step in the decision-making process will be to list down the changes you desire. Maybe you need an extra room to use as an office, or long for a wide, open plan living space? Next, it’s time to get some prices. Compare your renovation estimates against demolition and building expenses. If the costs of both options come in at similar amounts, ensure everything is included. Does the new build include everything to the finished state you expect? Have you included a slush fund for unexpected renovation problems such as asbestos removal or extra structural requirements?

Check-in with your shire:

Find out if there are any restrictions that will affect your plans. Can you demolish your current home or is it heritage listed? How high are you allowed to build your top story? What distance do you need between your wall and your fence? Ask for a list of the requirements relevant to your block to keep on hand during your planning stage.

Is the positioning right?

In Perth, a north-east aspect is optimal for most homes. You can read more about the orientation of your home here: Earth Friendly Homes:

If the position isn’t working, a demolition and rebuild get a big boost in your pro’s list.


Unexpected changes in life can mean selling your home – even if it’s unfathomable right now. If your home is already on the high end of the average in your area, you won’t want to splurge too much financially to avoid any future losses. On the other side of the coin, if your home is lacking lustre in a suburb of high demand or expected to increase in value, renovation/rebuilding is likely a smart investment. A local real estate agent can give you some good insight into the current and future forecast for your location.


Some people love the romance and character in renovating an established home, while the fresh and shiny, new feel of starting again appeals to others. After considering the above points, consult a professional Perth developer such as Jubilee Home Builders to best understand your options.

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