3 Tips for an Incredible Outdoor Entertaining Area

3 Tips for an Incredible Outdoor Entertaining Area

Summer is here! For most Aussies, that means it’s time to get outside. Working, playing and most importantly entertaining.  Here are some tips to get the most out of your outdoor entertaining area.

Design it right

Firstly, make sure you choose an area that’s in close proximity to your kitchen and living area for ease of use. That way, you ensure easy access to refreshments and include the cook in socialising. A servery or bi-fold doors will open the area right up.

Other considerations are positioning with relation to wind and sun protection. Your experienced Perth home builder can help you get this right.

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Okay, you’ve designed the perfect Alfresco, in the best position possible. Increase the comfort level further by getting the heating and cooling right.  We point out the importance of getting the temperature right in your home in our post: Heating and Cooling Your New Build: What are the Best Options?. Why should your outdoor entertaining area be any different? Outdoor ceiling fans, UV resistant blinds and outdoor heaters can make your space enjoyable all year-round: rain, hail or shine.

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Décor and Accents

Hopefully, your careful planning means you are set to spend an enviable amount of time outdoors enjoying it. Because of this, invest in high-quality furniture items that ooze comfort while still seamlessly blending to your indoor space. A sofa with durable, weather-resistant fabric that is as comfortable to curl up on with a good book as it is to sit and chat over a wine and cheese is ideal. As are comfortable dining chairs and a sturdy, attractive outdoor table.

What decorating items appeal to you inside? You can continue the theme in your outdoor area. Potted or hanging plants that tolerate some shade, and candles to create a cozy ambience at night are excellent additions. Don’t forget throws, cushions and a blanket or two to add to the luxury.

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Worldly Home Designs: Features from Around the World to Inspire You

Worldly Home Designs: Features from Around the World to Inspire You

Looking for some foreign inspiration for your Australian design? In the land of plenty, we typically have larger blocks, front and rear yards and a mixture of architectural styles coexisting in the one suburb (or street!). With our long, hot summers and relatively mild winters, Aussie’s emphasise the outdoors (and why wouldn’t we!). Outdoor kitchen or living rooms, swimming pools, built-in BBQ’s, verandas and balconies… These are all popular in Australia, but what worldly home designs can we learn from other locations? This may be a topic you want to discuss with your experienced Perth home builder.

Countries from near and far have certain, typical inclusions and features. These are related to their environment and traditions. Maybe there’s one or two that resonate with your style and desires? Here a few worldly home designs to stimulate your creativity:

Simplicity, Function and Saunas – Homes of Scandinavia:

Its hard to have missed the latest trend in decluttering. If a simple, functional, minimalistic space has your blood pressure dropping a notch, the Scandinavian style is for you. With calming neutrals, light woods and large windows to take in the outdoors, this style is the ultimate for those seeking tranquillity. Speaking of calm – Scandinavians have the most sauna’s in the world. These are claimed to promote detoxification and relaxation for the mind and body. Scandinavia is a powerhouse in terms of high quality and eco-friendly materials, likely motivated by their love of nature and innovative thinking.

Contrasting Homes of America:

Ranch houses, the tiny-house movement and colourful, multistory San Francisco residences. Like Australia, there is an architectural mix to be found in America due to its large size. Different climates and history are spread over the country. However, you are more likely to find certain features there; such as large bedrooms, a waste-disposal unit in the kitchen sink and a basement. Basements are very handy for an additional room or storage space.

Icelandic Turf Houses:

Consisting of a stone foundation with turf filled wooden framing, these homes evolved in the 9th century due to lack of building materials. However, the design is both cost-effective and provides excellent, ecological insulation. While turf housing may seem a bit outlandish, the use of alternative materials in the construction of your new home is a real possibility and growing in popularity.

Middle Eastern Courtyard Homes:

Ancient Middle Eastern Homes were a step ahead of our modern-day kitchen-alfresco areas. Being central to the home, the courtyard is the main area which the remaining rooms are built around. The courtyard encompasses an entertaining area, lounge and even recreation space such as a pool.

For help incorporating your unique ideas and style – whether it be inspired by homes around the world or otherwise, Jubilee Home Builders design one-off custom homes and include a consultation with a fully qualified Interior Designer to bring your vision to fruition. You can read our blog post about the benefits of consulting an Interior Designer here: What are the Benefits of Meeting with an Interior Designer?

For more information on how you can incorporate more worldly home designs into your build, contact us today via our website or phone (08) 9571 3512