How To Make The Most Of Your Smaller Build

How To Make The Most Of Your Smaller Build

Are you wanting to make your development units as practical and seem as spacious as possible? Maybe you are downsizing? Or simply building on one of the increasingly smaller lots in the Perth suburbs? It’s wise to have a grapple on these concepts to gain the most from a discussion with your local Perth home builders. Here are some pointers on getting the most out of your small lot.

Positioning is key:

As with any new home, you want to make the most of the natural light available to you. Therefore, getting the positioning north facing is optimal if possible. You can read more about making the most of your home’s orientation here. Skylights are an excellent way to increase natural light throughout your smaller build.

kitchen positioning for a smaller build

Open it up!

Rather than boxing yourself in, an open plan Living/Dining/Kitchen area creates a spacious feeling and flow. Don’t stop there either, a seamless transition to the outdoor area using bifold doors extends your living space with a touch of fresh lusciousness. Windowed, glass splashbacks in your kitchen are another way to bring the outdoors in.

glass splashbacks for a kitchen in a smaller build

Clever Hacks:

When grand walk-in wardrobes or bonus rooms aren’t a viable option, don’t despair – there are still ways to gain more storage space. Think hidden cupboards or desks underneath the stairs, utilising the roof space and incorporating a study nook into your living area. If space in the garden is a concern for your smaller build, maybe a vertical garden is the answer. Further, an experienced Perth home builder will be able to offer the right advice in this field.


stair storage for a smaller build


Talk to Your Builder and Interior Designer:

Your experienced Perth home builder will have an array of tricks up his or her sleeve to get the most out of your space. Design tweaks such as using sliding doors and raised roof heights might be perfect for your new build. While a qualified interior designer can advise you on what colours and up-to-date features will best optimize your space. You can read more about how an interior designer can help you here.

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