How Much Will the New R-Codes Cost Your Development Project?

How Much Will the New R-Codes Cost Your Development Project?

Perth’s R-Codes are proposed to change in the next 12 months.

The Residential Design Codes, or R-codes, control the design of residential development throughout Western Australia. This change will affect the number of developments, such as multi-units and townhouses or a triplex or duplex, that you can build on a block of land.

There are many more ways these changes will affect you if you’re a landowner or property developer.

Here is everything you need to know about the changes and what to do about them…



Currently, a 728m2 block can accommodate a 3 x single storey triplex development, however, with the new proposed changes, you will no longer be allowed to do this.

This is due to the requirement of additional landscaping with deep soil zones and tree planting on each new development… “20% of the block size needs to be green”.

These new large landscaping required zones will reduce the total space you have available to build your multi-unit development on. This means you will potentially have to build smaller homes, which means throwing away those generously sized floor-plan designs you have.

Smaller homes mean smaller bedrooms, or fewer bedrooms, and no second living (theatre) for the ultimate family lifestyle, with only single garages.

You could gain extra space by building up into a second floor, however, this comes at a greater cost with a longer build time and a higher risk.

The new R-codes will also affect internal room requirements which will give you less flexibility with designs.


As your options are now limited, so is your ROI potential.

Although these changes are out to public comment at the moment, the WAPC has confirmed they would like these changes gazetted in the 4th quarter of 2021.



That land that you have been sitting on for a while now, with exciting plans to build multiple wealth-generating properties on it, will be worth a lot less in 12 months’ time if it’s not DA approved for development soon.

There is now a deadline (4th quarter 2021) to have plans approved for developments that will increase your ROI and build potential. If you don’t meet this deadline, then the ‘retain and build’ or ‘house behind house’ concepts will be seriously pushed for property development feasibility.  This is because the new proposed changes require the existing dwelling to incorporate all of the new changes in the design to the house and also the garden.

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