Why Land Sales In Perth Are Staying Strong And How You Can Capitalise

Why Land Sales In Perth Are Staying Strong And How You Can Capitalise

Despite the fact the HomeBuilder Grant has ended, Perth land sales continue to stay strong. With the fear of low supply levels and R-codes changing during Perth’s impressive market boom, new and experienced investors are working with Perth triplex development builders and turning their existing blocks into a wealth-building investment.

Last year COVID-19 boosted Perth’s property market when many Australians returned home or relocated to this sunny “Safe Haven” in Western Australia. More recently the record commodity prices & future forecast contributed significantly to an impressive boom in metro WA’s job market. This boom created more job opportunities and increased population growth in the short/medium term, resulting in Perth houses and land continuing to get snatched up by eager home buyers and renters.

Use your existing block to capitalise on Perth’s fast-moving property market

For investors who already own an existing block that can retain and build a duplex, triplex, or quadplex development, now is the time to capitalise on the rapid growth of Perth’s property market and contact a Perth development builder. With lower supply levels on top of the upcoming change to Perth’s Residential Design Codes, the opportunity to capitalise on the current fast-moving Perth market might pass by quickly.

Perth’s Residential Design Codes are changing soon and will limit what investors can build on your block of land significantly. What could potentially have been a triplex site may only be a duplex site in 12-18 months time. Less units, smaller rooms, and potentially only single-car garages will unfortunately result in a lower ROI.

If you have an existing block of land and you’re ready to build a triplex but you’re not sure where to start, an experienced Multi unit builder in Perth can help.

How you can use your existing block to capitalise on Perth’s booming property market

Jubilee Home Builders are residential builders in Perth as well as expert Perth triplex builders.
Our efficient and high-quality process involves a one-stop shop approach that provides our interstate and busy clients with high-quality results without having to be physically present. With free feasibility assessments and extensive experience helping investors grow their portfolio with Perth’s property market, we make the process easy and simple, no matter where you are in Australia.

Jubilee Home Builders’ end-to-end turn-key property development process involves soil testing, full sub-division, construction, development application and approval.

Jubilee Home Builders have a comprehensive design and planning process that takes the overwhelming part away from investors and guarantees each step is completed efficiently and thoroughly.
When it comes to the design of your multi-unit development there are many important factors to consider:

  • Sewer location
  • Topography
  • Bush-fire zoning
  • Council regulations

Each of these factors play a key part in the design of a triplex or duplex, requiring experience and knowledge to ensure efficiency and high-quality results.

Jubilee Home Builders can help turn your existing block into a wealth-generating Triplex development. To capitalise on the fast-moving Perth property market contact us on 08 9571 3512 or email [email protected]