Shifting your mindset from Home Buyer to Property Developer

Shifting your mindset from Home Buyer to Property Developer

Looking to become a property developer? It is important to shift your mindset from the thought process of a home buyer to ‘strictly business only’. You need to think more from your buyer’s perspective and less from a personal point of view. Your main focus should be on making a return on your investment. Here are some of the things you will need to consider:



Location is key. A good property developer will do extensive research into the area they would like to develop in. Focus on the suburbs where developments are popular and avoid looking in areas simply because you could see yourself living there. Look for land in suburbs that have good growth and large blocks to split. Keep in mind public transport and local amenities and pay close attention to R-Codes. No point in buying land that has limited subdivision possibilities. Found a property or suburb and not sure about the areas R-Codes or how many dwellings you can build? Contact us for a free block assessment.



Investing is a numbers game. Remove all emotion and focus on return. Perform a feasibility study (we can also help you with this!) and calculate the estimated yield. If you plan to rent out the properties what is the current local rent and where is the market heading? If you plan to sell, what are other local developments going for?



It is important to weigh in risk when investing so you aren’t left with unmanageable debt. It is likely you already own other properties and it is important to consider how you will juggle them all when it comes to finances. We advise speaking to a professional and working out your borrowing capacity and financial management to help lower your financial risks.



As mentioned above, keeping an eye on the market is important when investing. This will help you predict future rent and sales. It will give you an idea of the direction of the property market and the demand for developments. It is important to remember that market predictions are only guesses on where the property is heading and this is where you must factor in risk.



Steer clear of trends and particular details. Think of the design features that will appeal to most buyers and remember, this isn’t your home you’re building.



What will your tenants or buyers want? Consider amenities that will increase the competitiveness of your development such as heating and cooling, space for a dishwasher, outdoor living or an area to work from home (office/study nook/spare bedroom).



Seek professional advice when making decisions. Choose a company that knows what they are doing and can guide you through the development process. This will give you ease of mind, lower your risks and help you keep momentum on your project.


Check out some of our past development projects here.

Evidence Shows Now Is A Great Time To Develop

Evidence Shows Now Is A Great Time To Develop

WA is primmed for growth with the Australian Government announcing they will be opening visas for up to 200,000 migrants when borders are fully opened which will assist in economic recovery post-pandemic. The government is focusing on bringing in skilled individuals, as well as students and refugees. Evidence is showing when the borders begin to open, the housing market will be in high demand and with plenty of jobs available, Western Australia (WA) is looking to be an attractive state for immigrants to settle. These immigrants will need somewhere to live and with our current low supply, housing demand is only going to increase proving now is a great time to develop.


It is common knowledge that tradespeople are in high demand. Skilled labourers from a number of different industries are in dire need; as mentioned in our previous blog explaining some of the reasoning behind the low supply of tradies in particular in the construction industry. If you were to do a job search on SEEK, you will notice over 1,000 jobs available for Diesel Fitters with multiple sign-on bonuses. On top of that, some employers are offering their staff bonuses just to bring in skilled labourers. This particular job search is a good indicator of the Western Australian job market and shows there is plenty of work out there for tradespeople in both the construction and mining industries. Great news for the 200,000 migrants Australia should soon be expecting. WA will be an attractive prospect for those skilled migrants with our high demand for labourers which will, in turn, add further stress on housing and rental demand. This could work in favour of the sale of your future development.


Most immigrants rent in the first few years.

This is just what property investors want to hear. The current high rental prices and low availability is already working in their favour and the prospect of that demand increasing is a great incentive to purchase their next rental property such as a unit from your future development. In addition, they almost have a guarantee they will find tenants and receive a decent rental income. If you are sitting on a block big enough for multi-units especially if you are close to a university or public transport you should expect a lot of interest, come sale time. Incoming foreign students will be on the lookout for rentals close to their place of study which makes multi-unit dwellings an attractive investment purchase.


Immigrants are likely to buy within a few years of moving.

If you have developed before you are likely aware of the time it takes to submit building applications, plans and gain council approval for your development and with the current building delays, your next project could take longer than expected. Therefore, leave yourself with plenty of time to get your development completed. Start looking for land and securing a block for your next project now so you can be prepared and have homes built and ready to go when these immigrants are looking to buy.


“With borders opening in 2022, a significant pick-up in immigration will fuel further demand, right at the time when supply is struggling to keep up due to the labour shortages in the building industry.”

– Damien Collins – Head of Real Estate Institute of WA (REIWA)


Don’t wait for building prices to go down. Strong evidence suggests demand should start to pick up mid-end of next year if borders in WA open which could cause increases in housing prices. This is why now is a good time to get a move along on your development before the influx of immigrants hits our state. Help fill the current supply gap in the housing market by getting your development ready to go.


Starting a development is easier said than done. It takes time to get things moving, to find land, submit applications, get council approval, which is why getting the ball rolling sooner rather than later will put you in a better position for the near future. Contact us to help you get started on your project.

We can help you with your search for land, building plans, council submissions, EVERYTHING from start to finish. If you are still not sold on the clear evidence provided, in addition, we will do a feasibility study for your prospective project to give you a good indication of the returns you should expect.


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Perth Building Delays and Supply Shortages

Perth Building Delays and Supply Shortages

It is a common misconception that builders are the ones benefitting during a construction boom while consumers get caught with increasing prices and longer wait times. This can cause some frustration however, these booms are no walk in the park for small builders let alone the larger ones.

The global economy took a hard hit when COVID-19 emerged. The pandemic caused many strains on a number of industries including residential construction. To help stimulate the economy the federal and state government announced the building bonuses. The building industry is one of the largest employers in Western Australia which meant these bonuses would help keep a large portion of the population employed. As a result, the industry had a sudden increase in activity however there have been some side effects to this sudden boom and COVID-19 has increased the strains on builders which in turn, unfortunately, gets passed on to the clients. This is a time of understanding and patience. If you are building in the current climate it is important to understand why there are delays and what is causing them.


“Builders are now experiencing a range of pressures associated with the huge levels of activity, including significant cost escalation as a result of labour shortages and material delays caused by the ongoing disruption from COVID-19 to global supply chains.”

– HIA WA Executive Director, Cath Hart


Labour Shortages

You may have already heard of the current trade shortages with an emphasis on brickies. As a result, there are many Perth builds at a standstill, ready to progress to the next stage of construction however not enough tradies around to finish the job. The shortage of brickies in particular stems from the last boom where a good number of older professionals moved over east and of those who stayed, many have retired. On top of that, there was a low intake of new apprentices in WA. As a result, the current industry boom is seeing tradies like brickies left in high demand and a lack of professionals out there to meet building needs. This is an issue both small and large building companies are struggling with. Jobs are getting delayed and on top of that, tradesmen such as brickies are hiking up their prices.


Supply Shortages

The building industry is currently battling with material shortages such as steel. Iron ore is being sold to China at high prices however is coming back in steel form at equally high prices and we are not getting enough of it to keep up with demand. Timber is another material that is in high demand with shortages being experienced globally as a result of fires in both America and Australia as well as the shutdown of timber plants thanks to COVID-19. There are efforts in place to try and tackle the wood shortage. The Australian Government has allocated $15.1 million to help tackle timber shortages with aims to salvage bushfire affected softwood from Kangaroo Island.

All these shortages are normal during a boom period however with the added pressure of the pandemic these constraints are even more difficult to workaround.


While you may be thinking builders are the ones to benefit from the booms this is not always the case. Yes, there are more projects available however with tradies and suppliers hiking up their costs and delays in supply, builders are having to struggle to keep costs down for their clients, coordinate labour delays with material shortages and receive progress claims to ensure cash flow. 


“From the builder’s point of view, especially where you have a lump sum contract, it’s fixed at the top end so you can’t necessarily increase that.”

– HIA WA President, Dean Humphrey (Building WA Podcast)


So how is Jubilee Home Builders managing these obstacles? We believe transparency and communication are key. We are communicating openly with our clients on cost expectations and are trying our hardest to keep our clients within their budget. We are also creating realistic timeframes and are working with our tradesmen closely so we can communicate labour delays.

The prospect of building with the current trade and supply shortages may sound offputting however these obstacles are no reason to delay building your dream home/development plans and capitalising on low-interest rates during construction. With the right builder to guide you through the process, you can build with minimal stress and surprises. If you are thinking of building your next home or developing land in the near future get in contact with our team today.


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Carlisle Quadplex Case Study

Carlisle Quadplex Case Study


COST:                                               $1,905,771
SALES:                                             $2,674,000
RETURN ON EQUITY:                    111.85%
RETURN ON INVESTMENT:          31.06%
GROSS PROFIT:                              $768,229
NET PROFIT:                                    $633,761

Developing and building with Jubilee Home Builders is a service from start to finish. For the quadplex at 90 Star Street, Carlisle, we provided the client with support throughout the whole process including the acquisition of land, applying for permits and titles, ensuring a quality build and chose a high performing local agent to sell the homes.
What we offer is guidance, support and expert advice throughout the development journey giving our clients peace of mind they are making a worthwhile investment.



The client purchased the land in October 2019 through a local buyer’s agent. The intention was to develop and sell the properties upon completion.

Careful research went into finding the ideal location for a development with a large focus on local amenities. The result was 90 Star Street, Carlisle a perfectly positioned block located in close proximity to Perth CBD, the river, casino, and the Victoria Park cafe strip. The property was within walking distance to public transport, numerous local parks and the popular Archer Street meaning residents would have everything they needed on their doorstep.

Sub-division and DA drawings were started immediately after executing the offer and acceptance from the vendor. The DA and building permits were approved by March 2020.

The beginning of construction experienced delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time uncertainty in the economy and property market caused hesitations however the client powered through and as we moved further through the year confidence gathered momentum.

Demolition of the existing dwelling and the sub-division into 4 separate titles was completed by August 2020 and the beginning of construction followed in October 2020.

Construction finished in July 2021 taking a total of 9 months to complete. The 4 villas were then staged, photos were taken and put on the market with the best local agent.

There were 51 groups through the first home open weekend and all homes went under offer within 3 weeks. The properties sold for 20% higher than the bank valuations done in the previous year (February 2020).

We couldn’t have asked for better results and despite the brief period of unexpected delays and uncertainty, the client was extremely happy with the support they received throughout the development process.



If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you achieve your own property development goals – we’d love to chat. Why not meet at our display home at the Carlisle development and you can see firsthand the design and quality of this build.

Contact us to arrange an appointment today:

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An Investors Winter Wonderland

An Investors Winter Wonderland

What is typically a slow few months for the Perth housing market, proved to surpass expectations with the market showing positive signs of growth during the winter months. This growth supports claims that the property market is in a recovery stage and with low supply now is a great time to get your investment underway.

Sales and growth activity traditionally slow down during winter as sellers tend to hold out until the spring weather kicks in to present their property to the market. That was not the case this winter with the Real Estate Insitute of Western Australia (REIWA) recording increases in median house sale prices in a total of 233 suburbs from May 31st to August 31st. This number is over half the growth recorded in 2020 with only 104 suburbs seeing an increase in price indicating the market is on its way to recovery.

Some of the top suburbs of growth include Brookdale (16 per cent) followed by Churchlands, Swanbourne, St James and Wembley Downs.


“The Perth property market is firmly in a recovery phase and many suburbs are feeling the benefits of this current growth cycle.” – Real Estate Institute of WA president Damian Collins


On top of this positive increase in suburb growth, Western Australia has recently been rated as the most affordable state in Australia for housing and rentals (Real Estate Institute of Australia’s Housing Affordability Report) despite price increases. WA Rentals are the most affordable in Australia requiring less than 20 per cent of a family’s average income for repayments.


Chart 1. Housing and rental affordability. Chart from REIWA,

WA remains cheapest state for housing and rentals


Looking at the country as a whole, recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed an increase in July housing finance activity. Investor activity, in particular, was increased by 1.8 per cent for the month.

First home buyers and owner-occupier activity dropped off likely due to lockdowns over east and we may see further reductions in lending statistics as the Home Builder grant comes to an end.

Refinancing commitments are surging to an all-time high and it comes as no surprise. This month the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) kept the cash rate at 0.1%, working in favour of states that have experienced lockdowns. These low interest rates are likely encouraging many owner-occupiers to refinance and this number is expected to rise as more property owners give their home loans a spring clean.

Currently, you can expect variable interest rates to be around 3.07 per cent on average and roughly 181 mortgage rates on the market for under 2 per cent. This is great news for buyers and investors looking to secure land with a low-interest rate.

Growth in investor loans has also seen an increase and nearly double of that 12 months ago. More investors are re-entering the market which indicates overall confidence in the economy and is looking up for private rentals.

The market is looking hot and at perfect timing too as we exit our winter wonderland and move into the springtime madness. With high buyer demand, low market supply, interests rates at a record low and investor activity on the rise, now is a great time to secure your block of land and prepare your investment for sale.

To discuss your investment options contact Jubilee Home Builders on 08 9571 3512 or email us at [email protected]

Why Land Sales In Perth Are Staying Strong And How You Can Capitalise

Why Land Sales In Perth Are Staying Strong And How You Can Capitalise

Despite the fact the HomeBuilder Grant has ended, Perth land sales continue to stay strong. With the fear of low supply levels and R-codes changing during Perth’s impressive market boom, new and experienced investors are working with Perth triplex development builders and turning their existing blocks into a wealth-building investment.

Last year COVID-19 boosted Perth’s property market when many Australians returned home or relocated to this sunny “Safe Haven” in Western Australia. More recently the record commodity prices & future forecast contributed significantly to an impressive boom in metro WA’s job market. This boom created more job opportunities and increased population growth in the short/medium term, resulting in Perth houses and land continuing to get snatched up by eager home buyers and renters.

Use your existing block to capitalise on Perth’s fast-moving property market

For investors who already own an existing block that can retain and build a duplex, triplex, or quadplex development, now is the time to capitalise on the rapid growth of Perth’s property market and contact a Perth development builder. With lower supply levels on top of the upcoming change to Perth’s Residential Design Codes, the opportunity to capitalise on the current fast-moving Perth market might pass by quickly.

Perth’s Residential Design Codes are changing soon and will limit what investors can build on your block of land significantly. What could potentially have been a triplex site may only be a duplex site in 12-18 months time. Less units, smaller rooms, and potentially only single-car garages will unfortunately result in a lower ROI.

If you have an existing block of land and you’re ready to build a triplex but you’re not sure where to start, an experienced Multi unit builder in Perth can help.

How you can use your existing block to capitalise on Perth’s booming property market

Jubilee Home Builders are residential builders in Perth as well as expert Perth triplex builders.
Our efficient and high-quality process involves a one-stop shop approach that provides our interstate and busy clients with high-quality results without having to be physically present. With free feasibility assessments and extensive experience helping investors grow their portfolio with Perth’s property market, we make the process easy and simple, no matter where you are in Australia.

Jubilee Home Builders’ end-to-end turn-key property development process involves soil testing, full sub-division, construction, development application and approval.

Jubilee Home Builders have a comprehensive design and planning process that takes the overwhelming part away from investors and guarantees each step is completed efficiently and thoroughly.
When it comes to the design of your multi-unit development there are many important factors to consider:

  • Sewer location
  • Topography
  • Bush-fire zoning
  • Council regulations

Each of these factors play a key part in the design of a triplex or duplex, requiring experience and knowledge to ensure efficiency and high-quality results.

Jubilee Home Builders can help turn your existing block into a wealth-generating Triplex development. To capitalise on the fast-moving Perth property market contact us on 08 9571 3512 or email [email protected]